5 Reasons to Become a Dream Maker

Getting involved with the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute TeletonUSA (CRIT) can look different for everyone. Still, becoming a Dream Maker is one of the best ways to support CRIT. The TeletonUSA Dream Maker program helps connect generous monthly donors with a cause that changes the lives of children with disabilities all over the U.S.

CRIT is a meaningful organization to support; we help children with neurological, muscular, and skeletal disabilities tackle life’s challenges through renowned, personalized rehabilitation programs. Serving a wide range of disabilities is what we’re known for, and giving our Dream Makers the chance to impact the future of so many children brings us incredible joy. If you’re still on the fence about becoming a Dream Maker, here are five reasons you should join and make a monthly donation:

1. You’ll have an impact on children from all over the U.S.

Though we are based in San Antonio, Texas, our patients come to us from across the country. Our resources, trained staff, and healthcare providers are unmatched, providing the best care to children with special needs. CRIT has served 4,267 patients since its inception in 2014, and we’re just getting started.

2. You are joining a team fighting for inclusion

Supporting a nonprofit organization with monthly donations is a noble feat, and you deserve to know what your money will do. With CRIT, you can donate with confidence, knowing that your money will support an organization that works to create a more inclusive world for children with disabilities and their families. Every day, we tackle obstacles head-on with creativity and drive as we strive to give our patients the best chance of success throughout their lives. This work takes scrappy, dedicated individuals, and we can confidently confirm that those are the types CRIT is filled with.

3. Help support CRIT all-year long

The TeletonUSA Dream Maker program provides CRIT with regular donations monthly. These donations bring stability throughout the year, helping us better navigate the ebb and flow of our donation cycles. As a Dream Maker, you will receive bi-weekly e-mail updates on our patient’s rehabilitation journeys and news detailing how our organization uses your contributions.

4. Allow CRIT and our children to dream bigger

We are an organization rooted in big dreams; we encourage our patients to dream big, reminding them that their life can be whatever they want it to be, and we’re here to help them reach their goals. Dream Makers enable CRIT and our children to stay ambitious with our dreams. As an organization, these donations enable our growth, allowing us to operate our center and shorten our waitlist, reaching even more patients and, ultimately, changing even more lives.

5. Joining is as easy as can be

Children with disabilities are counting on you. With the right tools and support, their futures are as bright as possible, and with monthly donations from Dream Makers, CRIT can support even more families. Becoming a Dream Maker is easy; it just takes a few clicks on our website. Welcome to the unbeatable feeling of making dreams come true; there’s nothing better.

Let’s change the world. Become a Dream Maker here.