Image: Benefits of Standing

The Benefits of Standing

Standing is an important activity that benefits people of all ages. From improving bone density to helping with lung expansion, it boasts benefits for all of our body systems. When given adequate support, it also helps people better engage in daily life activities. Standers serve to provide this necessary support, allowing someone to stay upright for long periods of time. Below you will find many of the benefits these devices have to offer.

  • Improves circulation and respiration (i.e. heart and lung function).
  • Increases bone density resulting in reduced risk of osteoporosis or fractures (i.e. weakened or broken bones).
  • Increases weight bearing for improved development of hip joint and reduced risk of hip displacement/dislocation. 
  • Promotes proper use of body’s muscles reducing compensations and risk of injury. 
  • Promotes muscle efficiency, resulting in less energy use and decreased muscle fatigue. 
  • Limits stresses placed on your bones, ligaments and joints, reducing the risk of injury. 
  • Relieves pressure points from longer periods of sitting resulting in improved skin integrity.
  • Improves and regulates digestion and bowel/bladder function (i.e. ability to use the bathroom).
  • Decreases risk of leg contractures since standing provides a prolonged stretch in good alignment. 
  • Improves participation with age-appropriate play, along with improved eye to eye contact.