Therapist in Telemedicine session.

The latest on CRIT’s Telemedicine Program

The Children’s Rehabilitation Institute TeletonUSA (CRIT) has successfully continued servicing children with disabilities and their families amidst the COVID-19 restrictions put into place in San Antonio and the neighboring counties. 

Since CRIT was forced to cease onsite operations temporarily, Telemedicine has served as an adequate alternative to protect the well-being of its patients, families, team members, and volunteers. 

After operating for three months, CRIT’s Telemedicine Program has provided 3,739 services to 244 patients and their families in areas such as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, Autism Diagnosis Evaluation, Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Recreational Therapy, Nutrition, Counseling, Assistive Technology, Social Work, and Food Pantry. 

Despite the contingency modifications in the San Antonio area, CRIT continues providing Telemedicine. These services allow CRIT to extend the range of available services to families that are not ready to return to the center for direct patient care.  

Watch Maity Interiano’s interview with Luis, CRIT’s patient, Brenda, CRIT’s Speech and Language Pathologist, and Federica Soriano, TeletonUSA’s Chief Executive Officer, to discuss the success of CRIT’s Telemedicine Program. 

To watch the video, visit the Univision website. Disclosure: content only available in Spanish.