From Your CRIT Counselor: Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson.

Dear CRIT families,

Here is a powerful  self-reflection for you today: “Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.” We all have moments where we wish things had gone differently, and it’s natural to carry the weight of our mistakes and regrets. But dwelling on these moments can hold us back from fully embracing the present and moving forward towards the future we deserve.

We must recognize that our beliefs and thoughts can sometimes limit us. We often find ourselves caught up in what we could have done differently, creating scenarios in our minds that are impossible to change. We can’t change the past; recalling our mistakes is only valuable if we learn from them. While we may not be able to control external circumstances or other people’s actions, we do have the power to manage our responses and our mindset.

Every challenging situation we encounter offers an opportunity to strengthen our resilience, refine our decision-making skills, and appreciate the things we have. Reflecting on past mistakes enables us to pinpoint the lessons learned from overcoming challenges, and it helps us to avoid repeating those same mistakes in the future. Take a moment to reflect: How can you grow from these experiences? What lessons can be carried forward to shape a better future?

Every day presents a new chance to learn from the past and savor the present. Let’s plan and prepare for the future, as one day that future will become our present. And in this journey, we are not alone. We are a community, moving forward, supporting each other, and learning and growing every step of the way.

With love,

your CRIT Counselor