Defying Disability: Meet Moi, an Unstoppable Athlete Recognized Nationwide

Moi’s parents never imagined their son would lose the ability to walk. When he was very young, Moi was in an accident that led to a spinal cord injury. His doctors said he would never walk again, so his parents decided to move to San Antonio so that he could be cared for at the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute TeletonUSA (CRIT). It was here that Moi began to get stronger and where he made tremendous progress with his mobility and independence.

Moi’s therapy has given him boundless self-confidence, which he exudes with passion as he participates in sports. Now 11 years old, Moi has participated in 13 marathons, winning 13 national medals. His basketball coach gave him the nickname Pac-Man because, like the video game character, Moi is tireless and keeps going after the ball. “The sky is the limit for Moi,” says his mother, Elisa, her voice beaming with pride and happiness. 

After feeling lost and helpless, Moi’s family found a place that opened up a world of possibility. At CRIT, they not only have access to the latest physical therapy for their son but also to transformational counseling, which provides them with diverse resources. Moi’s family is very grateful and says that their life improved because of CRIT. His mother tells us that CRIT helped the family discover that a disability may require specific lifestyle changes. Still, it does not stop them from enjoying each day to the fullest!

Watch Moi’s story here.