Disability Pride Month

During the month of July, Disability Pride Month is commemorated. The objective of this celebration is:

  1. Change the way people think about and define disability.
  2. Eradicate the shame that some people with disabilities live with.
  3. Understand disability as a natural part of human diversity.

Why does this date exist?

Originally this celebration was known as Disability Awareness Month, but after a few years, the word “awareness” was not enough to do justice to the main objective of this date, which is to create a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

The month is commemorated, so far, only in New York City. It began in 2010, 20 years after the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). A document that was a watershed in the human rights of people with disabilities in the United States. We hope that this celebration will soon spread to the rest of the United States.

At TeletonUSA Foundation we want all our boys and girls to feel proud of who they are, just as we are proud of them.