TelevisaUnivision Announces Dollar Match Donation to Benefit TeletonUSA on Giving Tuesday

TelevisaUnivision, the world’s leading Spanish-language media and content company, today announced a new dollar-for-dollar matching donation campaign, up to $30,000, in support of TeletonUSA, an annual fundraising initiative that serves children with disabilities and their families through the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute TeletonUSA (CRIT).
“At TelevisaUnivision, we know that creating solidarity in collaboration with impactful and inspirational organizations like TeletonUSA drives our mission to improve the well-being of Hispanic and multicultural communities,” said Jose Tomas, Chief Administrative Officer and Chair of the Univision Foundation Board. “Our commitment at the Univision Foundation is to support Hispanic families through health equity, civic engagement, and financial empowerment. TeletonUSA is a vital resource to thousands of children living with disabilities and their families. This organization has given children hope for the last decade, provided access to quality care and support, and ensured them a better future.”
This December 17 TeletonUSA broadcast is celebrating a decade of service under the theme “10 Años Juntos” (10 Years Together), with an all-star performing lineup with celebrity appearances, unforgettable musical performances, and much more. TelevisaUnivision talent have also contributed to the cause by donating their personal items to the TeletonUSA “alcancía digital” where donors can bid to raise funds.
“Univision’s commitment to TeletonUSA, has been essential to carry out our mission and the message of inclusion to all corners of the United States. We are deeply grateful for their generosity in making this Giving Tuesday the best start of the celebration for the tenth anniversary of TeletonUSA,” Fernando Landeros, President and Founder, TeletonUSA Foundation.
Don’t miss the 2022 TeletonUSA Event on Saturday, December 17, on Univision, Galavisión, and ViX starting at 10 AM / 9 C / 7 PT. To learn more about how to donate and support TeletonUSA, please visit TeletonUSA, ten years together!