The Importance of Reading During Childhood

In addition to being an excellent resource for our learning, books are important allies in our exploration of the world since they allow us to imagine it in different ways. If we expose ourselves to books early on, we will acquire memories, experiences, and knowledge that will last forever.

Benefits of reading

Reading is a wonderful process that combines words, images, and concepts to create an experience. Reading is an activity that strengthens the development of cognitive areas of the brain and emotional well-being. Some of its main benefits are:

  • Promotes language skills
  • Exercises memory
  • Expands vocabulary and ideas
  • Strengthens concentration
  • Helps in improving spelling

Promoting a habit of reading books during childhood can give us many opportunities to learn and share.

How to encourage reading in children

  1. Talk to them about how reading can be a fun activity. It may even be a hobby that allows them to get out of the school routine.
  2. Dedicate a part of the day to reading at home so that it becomes a family habit. It does not matter if it is done individually or in a group. You can start with one page daily and then increase the number of pages.
  3. Let your children choose their readings. Explain to them the topics available to read so that they can identify their preferences.

Books as inclusion tools

Many of us love books because they can also be important allies on issues of inclusion and accessibility. For example:

  • They showcase different perspectives on the world’s diversity and human beings.
  • They make it possible for us to socialize daily in our environment.
  • They are available on different devices or formats that support the needs of each person. For example, there are books in Braille, physical or electronic books.