Volunteering: The CRIT Experience

In 2014, the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute TeletonUSA (CRIT) opened its doors in San Antonio, Texas. With the community’s support, we have built a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive rehabilitation services for children and adolescents with neurological, muscular, and skeletal disabilities. We have been privileged to serve families from San Antonio and Texas, all over the United States and even other countries for nine years.

Thanks to the incredible doctors, therapists, social workers, and counselors who make CRIT a magical place, our patients have amazing stories of progress in all areas of their lives. But undoubtedly, none of this would be possible without the team of volunteers who dedicate themselves to accompanying each of our patients and their families on this rehabilitation journey.

The TeletonUSA volunteer program is the heart of the organization, with which we are proud to offer interpretation services for our Spanish-speaking patients, therapists, and doctors, among other activities. Many of the people who attend CRIT speak Spanish, so the interpretation services provided by our volunteers are extremely helpful. We ensure all parties can communicate effectively, providing that service whenever necessary.

Our volunteer team also collaborates on special events to help provide memorable experiences for CRIT patients and their families, from art classes to Christmas or Mother’s Day events and courses for our patients’ First Communion ceremony. In addition, they drive CRIT’s major fundraising events, such as our annual gala, golf tournament, fashion show, and the TeletonUSA event.

These are just some of the services that our volunteer program provides. The goal of a CRIT volunteer is to help ensure that every patient and their family feels accompanied and valued and to give a sense of comfort during the time they are in our facilities. Each volunteer makes it possible to live an authentic CRIT experience and enjoys giving their services in exchange for knowledge and community service hours, but above all, for the satisfaction they receive from helping.

Many are full-time students, parents, employees, and service members. Our CRIT has a diverse and talented group of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. In April, we join the national celebration in support of the incredible work of volunteering. But mainly that of the team of generous people who voluntarily support our CRIT. We celebrate each of them, both past and present, all those who have given their valuable time to make the best CRIT experience possible for our patients and families. Their passion for service is a fundamental part of what we do.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of our volunteer program, please visit critusa.org for more information.