Your support provides rehabilitation services to children from all over the United States.

Screenshot of Univision TV Show: from left to right on the image appear Fernando Landeros, President of TeletonUSA, and a child receiving therapies at CRIT

Padrinoton: This is how therapies continue at CRIT

This is how therapies at TeletonUSA have kept going during the pandemic.

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Picture of a smiling kid with crutches

Padrinoton: A story of perseverance at CRIT

Moises’s smile cheers up everyone at CRIT. This young man is a clear example of perseverance through rehabilitation.

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creen shot of a Univision TV Show. On the image from left to right: Raul Gonzalez, an image of a child in therapy at CRIT, and Fernando Landeros

Padrinoton: TeletonUSA keeps going

With the help of all TeletonUSA Dream Makers, therapies will continue at CRIT!

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Image of a child playing with blocks.

Let’s Talk About Tummy Time!

Many children dislike tummy time at first—it's hard work! There are many benefits for young children to spend time on their tummy, and there are also many ways to help and encourage them to do so. This critical developmental position helps lay the groundwork for many different skills necessary throughout the lifespan.

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Girl running.

Characteristics of Developmental Delay

Developmental delay is the condition of a child whose development in moving, talking, or playing is different than other children their same age. Developmental delay may or may not be attributed to a separate diagnosis.

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Therapist in Telemedicine session.

The latest on CRIT’s Telemedicine Program

The Children's Rehabilitation Institute TeletonUSA (CRIT) has successfully continued servicing children with disabilities and their families amidst the COVID-19 restrictions put into place in San Antonio and the neighboring counties.

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Kid sitting in W position.

Facts about W-Sitting

W-Sitting is usually observed when a child is sitting on the floor with their legs turned inward, knees bent, and feet on either side of their hips. From above (i.e. an aerial view), you will see that their legs form a letter “W”.

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Preliminar Image for: Caution with Walkers, Jumpers, Exersaucers

Caution with walkers, jumpers, exersaucers

Each one of these devices allows your child to perform certain movements before they are ready. This leads to an increase in atypical movement patterns and poorly controlled movements. Should your child already demonstrate these difficulties with movement, they may become more pronounced.

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Therapist watches as a patient does their exercises on a video call

CRIT launches Telemedicine Program for its patients

CRIT shut down due to the coronavirus crisis, but technology has allowed its doctors to continue giving therapies to their patients.

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